"Thats What She Said- YMM" S:1 Episode: 1

Well you know the cats out of the bag, (so that weird saying goes), I'm launching a podcast called, "That's What She Said, YMM" and its going to be AWESOME. It will be by a women ( me haha) about women ( you!) for guess who...women!


What's the gist of the show you ask?

Well, there are a lot of podcasts out there and a lot of content I totally realize this but...

My Vision for creating "Thats What She Said" was to create a space where I believe women need to hear encouragement:

Specifically I want to speak to women who are inspiring, successful women who are masters of their craft and leaders in their field and offer other women a peek into how they got here, what made them into the woman they are today! 

I feel that by hearing real, raw conversations and teachings from women that made a leap to chase their dreams, listeners will be encouraged to take whatever that next step is and step out of fear into faith and have some tools to do so!

I want this to be more that just a coffee chat, ( but still a coffee chat haha) I love so many of the women I see and follow and the messages they bring to the table and I want to share them in a comfortable intimate setting...that we we will then share with the WORLD.

Thank you so much to all my friends and women who rally beside me and who have said they will be my guests to share, I love all the guests and hope you do too!

Stay Tuned World!