Starting Fresh!

Ok, its has been a LONG and I mean a long time since I wrote a blog! This fist " Hello!" is going to have no rhyme or reason other than to say that I am back!! Hello Kids! And I fully plan to drop some awesome content here from Real Estate tips and tricks, Staging How- To's and info about my life here in YMM with my husband, kids, kitty kat Lennox and my business.

Life has been a roller coaster of a ride since moving here in 2005 and we have have been through 4 houses, birthing 5 babies, job changes, the loss of our house to a fire in 2016 to basically starting all over again.

I am excited to start to write again and I hope that something you find here along the way either helps you understand our community, real estate, or even if something on here is in any way uplifting, inspiring or just plain relatable I will feel good and accomplished!

For now, I will be back, I will be creating some nuggets of wisdom and I hope you have an amazing Sunday!

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